Beauty Therapy


Offer for Gel Nails (Soak-Off UV Gel Polish}

Only £15.00

2 treatments it is £28.00 (Hands and Feet ) 

You  can have beautiful nails that will make you feel great. They apply smoothly like a polish, protects your natural nails with long lasting wear for up to 3 weeks. Great for your holidays or special occasions.



CHROMA Gel is ahead of the rest!

One Gel Any Colour – You can use any nail polish with Chroma Gel.

Special Offer – Only £20.00

£10.00 discount with Manicure or Pedicure & CHROMA Gel
Manicure with CHROMA Gel Now £30.00 – French finish Now £33.00
Pedicure with CHROMA Gel Now £32.00 – French finish Now £35.00


  • Long lasting up to 3 weeks without chipping, fading, cracking or peeling
  • Use ANY nail polish
  • High gloss finish
  • Helps promote growth and strength
  • A coloured finish with a colourless gel
  • A soak off gel for natural nails

The Revive Company Now has

Live in colour

  • Manicure £12.00
  • French Manicure £15.50
  • Pedicure £16.00
  • French Pedicure £21.00
  • Mini Pedicure £15.00

Full Treatments include:

Nail and cuticle care, nail shaping, base coat, colour, soak, exfoliate & massage. These will leave your hands or feet silky, conditioned and moisturised.

Mini Treatments include:

Shaped and filed nails, conditioned cuticles, massage and polish


MoYou Nail Art

MoYou nail art decorates your nails by stamping unique designs on your nails. There is Over 480 designs to choose from. Image plates offer creativity with Flowers, Butterflies, Tribal’s, Stars, Hearts, and even French Tips. MoYou Image plates include a large collection of images so it’s suitable for everyone.

Hair Removal -Threading

Threading is a delicate procedure for the removal of hair on the face. It is suitable for even the most sensitive areas of skin.
Threading is more effective and less painful than tweezing and the top layers of skin are not peeled in the process. Threading is especially suitable for women with thicker facial hair.

  • Eyebrow Threading £ 10 – Threading eye brows to create shape and definition.
  • Upper Lip £8 – Threading for your upper lip to remove unwanted facial hair.
  • Chin £8 – Threading of your chin to remove unwanted facial hair.
  • Sides of The Face £8 – Threading on the sides of your face below your hairline to remove unwanted facial hair.
  • Forehead £6 – Threading of your forehead below the hairline to remove unwanted hair.
  • Eyebrow, Lip & Chin £15 – Combination of eye brow, upper lip and chin – threading to remove unwanted facial hair.
  • Full Face £20 – Whole face, eye brow, upper lip and chin – threading to remove unwanted facial hair.