Corporate Massage Benefits

If you and your staff are like most computer users then it’s highly likely that coming to work is literally a pain in the neck!
What the experts call “postural syndrome” is an increasingly prevalent condition caused by the way we sit at our computers leading to stress to the neck and spine. You’ll be familiar with terms like RSI and you’ll appreciate that Health & Safety regulations require you to undertake display screen assessments but what you may not know is that lack of understanding about posture can lead to similar, serious conditions – and as these are experienced the effects on you and your business will be seen in –

  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased sickness absence
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Higher incidence of liability claims
  • Increased insurance premiums            and so on.

So what can the revive company do to help obviate these problems?
Our clients have made a positive decision to reduce the stress factors at work and promote a healthier workplace environment by adopting an on-site programme of massage for staff. Just a 10/15/20/30 minute treatment is a big step forwards to reducing tension, enhancing the ability to concentrate and improving job satisfaction.
But I’d much rather show you how effective this is rather than just tell you about it!
Give me a call or email me and we can easily set up a brief meeting and demonstration and I can explain how our clients have adopted this positive approach to staff wellbeing.

P.S. Distress or de-stress ? – it’s up to you to help your staff and your business.


“Stressed and injured staff cannot perform at their best and employers know the damage this can do to their commercial success. This cost British industry £370 billion each year in sick pay. This is why it is down to employers and employees to work together to find a sensible work-life balance solution, which will give better commercial results, higher productivity and increased moral and commitment.” Secretary of State for the Trade & Industry 2006
(Associated Insurance Group) 70% of workers state that their job is very stressful. Stress is the number one cause of disability, it costs businesses millions a year in lost productivity. If negative stress continues for more than a short period of time, our health can suffer. The first warning signs could be flu or the onset of headaches. A weakness will often develop in some area of the body as a result of an immune system dysfunction. 
Migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, chronic fatigue and depression are just a few of the resulting dysfunctions. 

In Great Britain, as many as one in five people are suffering from high levels of work-related stress. That’s around 5 million workers. An estimated half million individuals report experiencing stress at a level they believe made them ill. These results are approximately 13.4 million working days lost per year.

The problem that stress can do to your business!

Over 12.8 million Work days were lost last year, due to stress, depression and anxiety. 
Up to 5 million workers in the UK feel “stressed” by their work load. Half a million workers believe this stress is making them physically ill. According to the Health & Safety Executive, Musculoskeletal disorders (Physical pain) are the most common occupational illness reported in the UK, affecting over 1.1 million staff per year.

“Work related stress is a major cause of occupational ill health. That means sickness absence high staff turnover and poor performance in your organisation” (HSE) “Stress is likely to become the greatest emerging risk to business in the 21st century”

The signs you need to look for:

Reduced Performance
Poor Time-Keeping
Headaches/Back Pain/Other Physical Pain

The Law

To comply with the law (Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999), employers (that’s you) have two duties:
To assess the risk of stress related illness arising from work activities.
To take measures to control that risk which corporate massage can help.

The Revive Company can offer a range of services that are ideal for any workforce

On-site massage provides a low cost and easy to implement solution which has immediate results. By bringing massage into the workplace, you are demonstrating tangible concern for your staff and assisting them to make your business work.

Corporate massage:

  • 15 minutes – £11.00
  • 20 minutes – £15.00
  • 30 minutes – £22.00

Minimum of 6 people

I care 200 – Eye massager

  • 5 minutes – £2.00
  • 10 minutes – £4.00
  • 15 minutes – £6.00