Your first treatment time includes a health and wellness consultation.

60 minute – Therapeutic massage – An excellent whole body massage for easing general aches and muscle pain and improving well being. It boosts circulation helping to get rid of the body’s toxins, stretches and relaxes tight muscles, improves skin and muscle tone as well as raising energy levels. It leaves you feeling alive and invigorated. Your Body from head to toe is catered specifically for you! Light touch, deep pressure or trigger point release can be used to create your unique massage experience.

Sports Massage – A deep tissue massage that targets specific areas of tension. This treatment is useful for sports injuries which helps the prevention and relieves aches, pains and muscle tension. (More details in the sports massage section)

Chair Massage – For those of you that are too busy for a full body massage, the chair massage is a great alternative. Using a variety of techniques, this massage incorporates upper back, neck, arms & head; customized to your needs of course. Massage is done through clothing & takes between 15 – 30 minutes. (£9.00 for 15 minutes/£12.00 for 20 minutes/ £18.00 for 30 minutes)

Heads Above The Rest:

Back, Neck Shoulder massage … Relax and put your head in our hands. Surrender to our specialized massage, combing the use of traditional sweeping strokes to calm and soothe the worries of the day away. A stress reducing scalp massage to top off the treatment which will make you feel mentally relaxed as well.

Hot Stone Therapy/ Hot Stone massage

Experience a unique indulgence of comfort and warmth. Hot stone massage involves the strategic placement of heated Basalt Stones to your body, followed by grounding massage. Hot Stone massage techniques are designed to melt away tension and promote deep relaxation and a sense of peaceful well being. Treat Yourself!


With heat therapy that simulates blood circulation and thereby prepares the muscles for action. The massager relieves tension and reduces stress. The percussion massage penetrates deep into different layers of muscles to provide rejuvenation and relaxation. The synergy of heat therapy and negative ions provide the ultimate massage experience, not only boosting physical well-being, but promoting peace and relaxation. The massager aids in relieving pain, reducing swelling and increasing mobility in soft tissues and muscles. The massager helps to stretch contracted tendons. The massager helps muscles to recover from tension and fatigue more quickly, while inducing a reduction in the build-up of lactic acid. This Massage can be done through clothing.

Tailored massage treatments

The revive company can offer treatments that our tailored to your needs. A full range of treatments is available and each massage can be designed to help you feel better. If you need a Sports massage, Therapeutic massage, Indian Head massage.. Or a combination of any treatments. You can make your own tailored massage! Just let us know what you would like. It is all about you and what you need!

Treatments available to tailor make your own.